Monday, August 9, 2010

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Books by Rob S Gray:

The I Love Ilsa Series 
The story of a band of monsters, pretending to be a band of humans, pretending to be a band of monsters! Monsters are commonplace and have lived among humans since the 1970s. There was a time when the two races were at war. But now, years after the war, the two are at an uneasy truce. I Love Ilsa follows the zany adventures of an all monster rock band made up of mostly girl-crazy female members and only one male.

I Love Ilsa features a unique world abound with pop culture references and strange characters. Just a few of the bands adventures include a battle with emo zombies at the beach, a disastrous show at a gorgon run strip club, fighting their way through a necromancer's carnival, and even going up against Martians who dress like Elvis.

The books begin light hearted enough, but as stories progress they move into darker, deeper territories and feature a thick continuity. The ILI series is about far more than just violence and laughs. Each book goes deeper into the characters, putting a new spin on the term 'Dramedy'. We see how the world changes as monsters begin to thrive. We learn more and more about the pasts of our band of monsters. But most important of all  is the interactions between our lead characters. But never is the tongue-in-cheek humor of it all lost.

Behind the Mirror - The Epic Tale of a Dead Rock Band 
An epic horror fantasy written in a non-linear style; the story is scary, action packed, and at times, funny. Behind the Mirror starts out detailing the murderous rampages of a band of ghouls and their demon girl dancers. But as the novel progresses it grows into a epic adventure. The reader is led into a huge horror fantasy that moves from Earth to the world of the Monsters, to a war in Heaven and Hell, and finally into the world behind the mirror.

Can the undead rock band stop killing long enough to save the universe as they were meant to? Will a demonic Pope and cyborg ex-president rule over the Earth? Can the devil stand up against the ancient evil known as the Mirror Man? The answers await you inside.

Musical Weirdness: 

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