Monday, August 23, 2010


Dogwitch was a semi-underground comic by British writer/artist Daniel Schaffer. It is easily the best indie comic I have ever read. The writing, the characters, the art, are all so unique and well crafted.

In a nutshell, Dogwitch is the story of a punk rock witch, Violet Grimm, and her often gory, sexual, and wacky exploits. Only 18 issues long, it was collected into three trade paper backs. Most of which, are available here.

To make it even better, you can read the first issue online for free right here!!!

Here is the plot from the official site:
"Banished deep into the evil Banewoods for daring to practice her own unique brand of Molotov Magick, outcast Dogwitch Violet Grimm continues to stretch the boundaries of accepted 21st Century witchcraft. As tales of bad sex and dangerous voodoo spread her infamy through the Banewoods, Violet captures the attention of a multitude of weirdos and resigns herself to what she believes is her predestined B-movie lifestyle. Churning out provocative home videos for a berserk and hungry fan base in her pursuit of arcane knowledge, she feeds her diary with the dating rituals of the sick and heinous. Violet is the Garbo of witches, a reclusive legend in a depraved, gory, funny and fiendishly sexy world."


  1. Ah, love this comic, one of my favourite comic creations in the past ten years and proves comics can be dark and fun at the same time! Schaffer's brushwork is amazing.

  2. yeah, I just wish he had kept it going a bit longer. I think there is alot that could have been done with Violet.

  3. Daniel Schaffer wrote the script to Jake West's DOGHOUSE, a movie that you may like if you like DogWitch.


  4. I had not heard of this! I wikied it and it does sound like my cup of tea. Thanks for the tip.