Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Whacky Bio of Rob S Gray


Rob S. Gray is predominately a fiction writer with a focus on horror, bizarro comedy, band life, fantasy, and the all around weird. He is probably best known for the horror dramedy series, I Love Ilsa; which is currently at five books. His style, though humorous and quirky at times, often features deep timelines and thick continuity with plot threads thought out and introduced years in advance.

Rob began writing in the mid 90s with a series of novellas made to accompany his musical projects. That soon turned into several different short run comic book series. By 1998 he had written his first full length novel, Behind the Mirror; which had begun as one of his comic books. Jumping ahead to now, Rob has written almost twenty full length novels with five of them currently in print and many more coming.

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Vamp Star 
Since 2002, Rob has been the vocalist, frontman, and co-song writer for the experimental rock band, Vamp Star. The sound of VS is an experimental blending of disco, hard rock, world music, and 70s style exploitation film music; often with a focus on nerd culture and exploitation films. Sometimes hard, often sleazy, and always fun! And though experimental, their songs keep a solid pop structure; making them far more accessible than many multi-genre groups. They believe a catch hook is never a bad thing.

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The Whacky World Drive-In 
A podcast on the whacky, the sleazy, and the weird! B-Movies, music, comics, and toys by Rob and
Dick Vincent of The Oak Drive-In.

Over the years Rob has taken a few acting jobs, most for the love of the genres of horror and sci-fi including playing a prisoner in the Marvel studios All Hail to the King short. He has also played a zombie seven times on film. It's not his favorite thing to do. Acting that is.

Second from the right on the set of All Hail the King

On the set of Volcano Zombies

From Canadian zombie film, Breakdown Lane

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