Thursday, September 16, 2010

5 Voodooriffic questions with Count Lyle

Welcome to a new feature on The Whacky World. 5 Whacky Questions which will be 5 awesomely random questions asked to whatever awesomely random person I choose! For the first installment we have Count Lyle from the Horror themed cowpunk band Ghoultown.

Q. What two famous monsters, that have never battled, would you most like to see battle?
A. Sasquatch vs. The Werewolf

Q. If you could put a hoodoo curse on any hollywood starlet, living or dead, to be your zombi love slave, who would it be?
 A. Elvira, of course.

Q. All time favorite horror movie?
 A. The Shining

Q. If some toy company was smart enough to make the Count Lyle action figure, what would the diorama look like and what accessories would it come with?
 A. It would be a spooky Boot Hill cemetery complete with a pine box, open grave, hanging tree, tombstone and cowskulls. It would have Grave-Poppin’ Action™ so that I would pop up out of the pine box, ready to face some unfortunate bastard in a gunfight. My outfit would include a replica of my signature hat and some bad ass Colt 45 pistols.

Q. Which was better pop culture wise, the 70s or the 80s?
 A. The ‘70s. Many of the classic monster toys and model kits came along during that decade. If I had a time machine, that’s where I would go.

Thanks to Lyle for the interview! Now head on over to and Lyle

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  1. Sasquatch vs. The Werewolf?! Elvira?! The Shining?! Count Lyle is speaking my language, and Ghoultown is playing my music. Awesome.