Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Ghoultown, who is one of my favorite bands, is a group like no other. Just imagine a group of zombie cowboys in a rock band with Mexican style horns. That is Ghoultown. The acoustic guitar player, Lizard, once told me that he describes the sound as "Heavy Western". A perfect description. 

I have known the ghouls for many years now. One of my favorite memories was running around a convention at 2 in the morning with vocalist Count Lyle. We went from place to place yelling for lesbians and carrying on like hooligans. Good times.

Ghoultown is the perfect music for drinking tequila, robbing a grave, or having a showdown at sundown. If you like spooky music and want something unique, Ghoultown is a must see! So go to right now and buy all their albums!

For more info check out my review of their album Life After Sundown
As well as an interview with frontman Count Lyle

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