Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Vampirella Crimson Chronicles Maximum TP

Since there has been a lot of talk about the upcoming Vampirella series, I figured I would take a moment to plug the old school series. Vampirella Crimson Chronicles Maximum TP is easily the best trade paper back I have ever gotten. Not only is it great material, collects 37 issues, and is 448 pages long, it only costs 17.95 brand new. A third of this book is well worth that. And you can pick it up at the Vampirella Official Store.

Vampirella tells the story of an alien girl from a dying planet of vampire-like beings who escapes said planet and comes to Earth. Once on Earth she gets into horror themed adventures and more often than not, saves the day. It is equal parts super hero comic and old school horror comic. The art work, done in that classic horror style, is fantastic. And Vampirella, though somewhat weak compared to some modern super hero women, was exceptionally strong and independent for the book's time. The stories were well written and exciting with issues about cults, demons, and werewolves.

In the 90s(a dark time for comics) her back story was revamped making her not an alien, but a brainwashed demon or something. I choose to ignore the 90s comics. They were poorly written, drawn, and fell into most 90s comic cliches(pouches on belts, BIG guns, etc.) If that was your first exposure to Vampi, I highly recommend you go back and see what a fantastic character she once was. Hopefully the new series won't be so......well, 90s.

Being that this collection is labeled number 1, I really hope that a second volume will follow and will completely finish out the 1969 to 1983 run. In a time when the market is slam full of lame, boring vampire comics and books, you need Vampirella in your life.

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