Monday, October 4, 2010

5 Whacky Questions with Fred Olen Ray

To kick off the Halloween season I have a very special 5 questions for you. Anyone who is a big fan of B-movies from recent decades should know the name Fred Olen Ray. He is, hands down, one of my favorite directors. He has directed several of my all time favorite movies including Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers, Bikini Drive In, and Evil Toons.

Fred isn't just a horror movie guy either. Any bikini movie connoisseur, like myself, knows of his strong presence in this area as well. According to imdb he has an impressive 95 movies to his name. So it is a real pleasure that he would take the time to do these Whacky questions.

                               Fred with Christopher Lee!

Q.  Christopher Lee or Bela Lugosi?   
A. No way to really compare the two. They're so different... you might compare Lee and Robert Quarry... but if it's just down to a favorite... Chris Lee.. 

Q. What is your all time favorite horror movie?

A. Don't know if it really counts as horror, but ABBOTT & COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN is my favorite. 

Q. If you could pick any hollywood starlet, alive or dead, to star in one of your films, who would it be?
A. Mynra Loy! 

Q. If a toy company decided to base a line of action figures on one of your films, which would you choose?

A. HOLLYWOOD CHAINSAW HOOKERS... who want to play with those dolls? 

Q. In your opinion which decade had the better B-Movies, the 80s or 90s?
A. Definitely the 80s because there were still Drive-In that fueled an entirely different market that home video wiped out.

So now take a moment to check out Fred's official website and go to amazon and buy all 95 of his movies. 


  1. I am definitely putting some of his movies on my must-watch list! Excellent stuff, seems like a really cool guy and I love that Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein is his favourite horror movie, because I just love horror comedy.

  2. Oh yeah, his stuff is great. Thing about me, I love titty movies, but only the funny ones. And most of his stuff is actually funnny. I recommend any of the three mentioned to start with.