Monday, October 11, 2010

Night of the Sorcerers

Night of the Sorcerers, actually called Night of the Witches, is a Spanish horror film from 1973. I ran across this film by accident, looking for something else, and the cover intrigued me. I love bikini girls, especially those clad in animal fur, and I love 70s euro cinema, so I researched the movie a bit more.

The reviews were fair, though I rarely listen to reviews, I do like to read them to get a feel of what the movie is about. The reviews, in this case, were very misleading. I was expecting a campy, silly, almost comedy about vampire girls in bikinis running around the jungle. Not so at all. Night of the Sorcerers feels more like an Emanuelle movie from the 70s. Beautiful women, who get naked alot, in a situation that is exciting and/or dangerous. This is actually a seriousish movie, who just happens to have a voodoo/horror backdrop. The only real sillyness was the slow motion running of the cat-girls. It just looked funny, but I think the director was going for imagery to make the girl look like jungle cats running through the woods.

The plot is fairly simple, but a good one. A group are going into the African jungle to document wildlife that is going extinct. They run across a voodoo cult and their shape shifting vampire-like cat girl queen. One by one the girls are picked off and turned into cat vampires. With pretty girls and a good bit of nudity, this fun little movie is great for any eurosleaze fan.

It also features a really cool decapitation scene. So Night of the Sorcerers is titty movie meets voodoo meets cat-girls meets vampires.

The movie is available on DVD in two formats. A special edition DVD with several special features and a cheaper double feature DVD.

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  1. Ah yes - can't go wrong with any movie where there's a weird cult in the jungle, I've generally found something to enjoy in any movie like that. Looks good!