Monday, October 25, 2010

Whacky Stuff on the Web

The internet has grown into a vast place with more to look at than most can probably handle. There are a few sites I check out, if not everyday, very often. So I figured I would share a few of these with you fine Whacky World readers.

The Forbidden Island of Haunted Cinema - This is a blog dedicated to obscure movies of the 60s and 70s. With detailed and well written reviews, the site goes much deeper than your usual "This sucks" or "This rules".

The Gallery of Monster Toys - I've mentioned this great site before, but darnit, you are gonna hear about it again. The gallery is simply the best site for 60s,70s,80s, and 90s monster toys out there.

Weirdo Toys - Another toy blog, but this one focuses on the random and rare toys the author runs across. There are some great obscure gems from my childhood on here.

Super Sentai Database - The best Super Sentai(Japanese Power Rangers) site out there. Info on all the seasons, characters, etc.