Monday, November 1, 2010

Behind the Mirror - The Epic Tale of a Dead Rock Band

Behind the Mirror, with the subtitle The Epic Tale of a Dead Rock Band, may just be the greatest horror/fantasy/comedy novel ever written. Then again, I wrote it, so I may be biased. Yes folks, Behind the Mirror is my first published novel. I won't be able to give a true review, so here is the plot summary from the publisher:

"Imagine if Quentin Tarantino and Clive Barker got together to write a fantasy epic. That is just one
description that has been given to Behind the Mirror. An epic horror fantasy, Behind the Mirror is a novel  like none other. Behind the Mirror starts out detailing the murderous rampages of a band of ghouls and their demon girl dancers.

 Written in a non-linear style, the story is scary, action packed, and at times, funny. As the novel progresses it  grows into a epic adventure. The reader is led into a huge horror fantasy that moves from Earth to the world    of the Monsters, to a war in Heaven and Hell, and finally into the world behind the mirror. Can the undead rock band stop killing long enough to save the universe as they were meant to? Will a demonic Pope and cyborg ex-president rule over the Earth? Can the devil stand up against the ancient evil known as the Mirror Man? The answers await you inside."

A side note about the book itself. Though listed as only 195 pages, it has small print and is a large format book. So it is the equivalent of a full normal paperback. Any fans of exploitation films, monster movies, and violent fantasy will enjoy Behind the Mirror.


  1. Excellent and congratulations! Looks great!

  2. Thanks Aaron!
    If you are ever interested in putting out a book, let me know. I can help.