Monday, November 8, 2010

How to make a real Voodoo Doll!

So I didn't do a Halloween post, you may have noticed. I figured every horror blog and their sister would be doing something, loosing mine in the mix. So here, a few weeks late, my Halloween blog!

Voodoo dolls. You've seen them in movies and comics like Creepshow. It is highly debated when and where they come from and their actual use. Most true voodoo practitioners use them for good. But what fun is that!? Today I will teach you to make a real voodoo for EVIIIIILLLLLL purposes. But being that I have no real belief in magic, this tutorial is just for fun. Or is it?

You will need: thin rope or string, two sticks, spanish moss, cloth, and a momento from your target.

First, take two sticks, something old and spooky but solid, and tie them together in a cross shape. Thick string or very thin rope works the best. If you can't find sticks that you like, popsickle sticks work well also.

Second, start wrapping the Spanish Moss around the cross, beginning in the middle. This helps reinforce the doll. Go up around the head, down to one arm and back across the other, back to the middle. From there wrap the moss down the bottom. Continue this process until the entire doll is covered. It helps to have long pieces of moss for continuous wrapping.

The third step in sort of optional and is my preference. It really depends on what item you manage to obtain from your target. If it is a lock of hair, finger nail, or something small, place it on the chest of the doll. Personal items such as these are supposedly more powerful.

Fourth, take small strips of cloth and wrap them around the doll, leaving the top exposed(for hair). I find that tan cloth is the best, easier to decorate. You can secure the fabric with glue or even a few stitches if you sew.

Fifth, take small beads or buttons, and glue or sew them to the head, making a face. Your doll needs a face!

For the final step you have two options. One, if you do not have a personal item of your target, you can pin a photo of them to the front of the doll. Two, if you had the personal item, now decorate the doll to look like said person. Now, get the pins! 

Finally, speak aloud this little chant as you place your first pin:
                               Voodoo spirits hear my plea.
                            Take this person away from me.
                                With this thorn I represent.
                               The source of my discontent. 

And there you have it! You are now 10% more evil.

If you just HAVE to be a nice guy, you can use the following colored pins to bring about positive effects.

yellow - success
white - positive
red - power
purple - spirituality
green - money
blue - love

Special thanks to Planet Voodoo for the images.

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