Monday, November 15, 2010

The Killer Barbies

So my current musical obsession is Spanish punk/hard rock band, The Killer Barbies. I discovered them through Jess Franco, one of my favorite sleaze directors. He has featured two different movies about the band, The Killer Barbys and The Killer Barbys vs. Dracula. The name was changed slightly to avoid a lawsuit with Mattel.

Their sound is a fairly straight forward punk and hard rock mix. But what makes them really stand out is the energetic, and often half naked, female singer Silvia Superstar. Their music reminds me alot of Halfcocked or bands like them, but slightly more fun. They also have a horror edge to them at times with songs like I Wanna Live In Tromaville, Chainsaw Times, and Friday 13th. So basically everything I like; hard music, hot girls, and horror, all rolled into one band. They also do quite a few really fun cover songs like Candy, Downtown, and Skulls.

Their music, mostly in English, is readily available. Though imports, you can find their CDs and DVDs for a good price used on Amazon. I started with Bad Taste, a best of sort of album. Its a good starting point. Sin in In is also great and easy to get a hold of. I also highly recommend their Freakshow DVD which has all of their music videos, some live performances, and some behind the scenes stuff.

For more on the group, check out frontwoman Silvia Superstar's Official Facebook Page

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  1. Haven't seen Killer Barbys yet! I'll get on that!