Monday, December 20, 2010

Cracked Monster Party

As a youngin', growing up obsessed with monsters and comics, one of my favorite reads was Cracked Monster Party. Many people have accused Cracked of being nothing more than a Mad parody. But in my view, a person that never liked Mad, Cracked was far better. Mad was a bit snotty and I wasn't familiar with many of the things they parodied. Cracked on the other hand focused on many things I liked, especially monsters.

Cracked Monster Party began in 1988 as an offshoot of the main magazine and ran until 2000 or so. It's focus was horror movies and classic monsters but done in a funny way. The content featured short comics by the great John Severin(stories like Dracula looking for a new line of work), classic horror screen caps with funny captions, monster interviews, original comics, movie parodies, random pin-up art, and more. One of my favorite articles as a child was the Transylvanian Translation guide.

By today's standards the humor may seem a bit childish, but for the time it really hit home with an 80s monster kid. Any classic monster fan should be able to look back on this stuff and at least smile.

Sadly, the magazine is long out of print. But sites like gets back issues here and there for a good price. Very much worth grabbing an issue or two.

Thanks to Satire Gallery for the cover scans!

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