Monday, February 21, 2011

Micro Bikini Oily Dance

When I started this blog I promised some sleaze. Well, I kind of slacked on that element of the blog. Trying my hardest to promote things I want to.....promote. So I am long overdue in giving you a dose of sex and sleaze.

Today I will be talking about Reggae Dance. A semi-new movement in Japan where girls basically just dance around in the skimpiest bikinis they can find. How is this different from strip clubs or strippers? Well, from my understanding these Reggae Dances are more like special events. The girls do them for the thrill of performing and rarely get fully naked. There is no interaction with the males in the audience. So kind of a bikini show.

I stumbled across Reggae Dance from a DVD series called Micro Bikini Oily Dance, which is basically a filmed  version of one of the dances. Being a sucker for bikinis and oily girls, I was instantly hooked and filled up my computer with Reggae Dance downloads. I would love to actually collect that DVDs, but the only place I have found them is the extremely overpriced J-list. And I refuse to buy anything from those bandits.

You can find full scenes of every volume online with ease. I just didn't want to link directly to any of the adult hosting sites. Never know how Blogger might feel about that. My fav two girls are: Yoko and Nana Kitami Both pictured below.


  1. How do you say "cock tease" in Japanese?

  2. I've posted links to torrents of this video and several others in my Yoko/Kaede Fan blog. Check it out if you're interested!