Monday, February 7, 2011

Weird TV

The 90s. A strange time for those of us who were of a semi-close to adult age. I am very torn with the 1990s in general. The early 90s were awesome. Great music, cool pop culture stuff, bikini movies were at their pinnacle, rap wasn't garbage yet. It was a good time. Then, around 1995 it all went to crap and the 90s became a terrible decade for pop culture. Boy bands, gangster rap, rap metal, movies like the Matrix, the rise and fall of Marilyn Manson. Just a black mark on pop culture history. Those of you who think things are bad now, just imagine flipping channels and being bombarded with crap like the Deftones or N'Sync. MTV began slowly phasing out music at this pont. Bleak bleak bleak!

One of the last great pop culture items of the 90s was the amazing Weird TV that ran in 1995. It only ran for a season, and came on at 3 in the morning in my home town, but was still a not-to-miss show. My friends and I would stay up late with great anticipation every Saturday night.
Weird TV was like the late night TV of the late 70s and 80s. Random skits, serials, music videos, interviews, it was like Night Flight but weirder! Programs like Adult Swim of today are the closest thing we have to this sort of television, but they just don't have the same charm that Weird TV had. Adult Swim has its moments for sure, but it is trying to be like things like Weird TV, whereas Weird TV and Night Flight were what they were.
Some of the recurring skits(thanks wiki) of Weird TV were:
Weird America, a segment of the show in which the crew flies out to unusual events all across the country. For example, "Car Hunt," where a full-sized, remote-controlled car is let loose in the Nevada desert and is hunted down with high-powered weapons, "just like big game," according to Cirino.

Shadoevision, a continuing science-fiction thriller hosted by Shadoe Stevens.
The Dr. Ruehl show, where noted "phenomenologist" Dr. Franklin Ruehl talks about viewers of the latest cases of strange phenomena.
Video Dave's UFO Clip of the Week, where Dave Aaron reports on the latest extraterrestrial sightings from around the world.
Newsweird, which features strange news from around the globe.

I had been searching for, and hoping for, Weird TV to be released on video or DVD ever since it first aired. Now, finally, thanks to Weird TV mastermind Chuck Cirino, the entire series it available on DVD. I recieved the first DVD recently and it is awesome. Great to see this stuff again. It has definately held the test of time.

The only flaw with the DVDs is a lack of chapter stops. You have to watch it straight through. Which kind of makes it feel more like late night TV or VHS. Which I guess is kind of cool in a way. Nonetheless, this is an amazing show that all weirdos NEED to see.

You can order the DVDs directly from them at: The Weird TV site
Or grab them below from Amazon.
Click here to watch the trailer for the first episode.

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