Sunday, June 12, 2011

Millionaire's Express aka. Shanghai Express

Millionaire's Express, aka. Shanghai Express, is one of my all time favorite martial arts films. I got it on DVD recently and decided to do a little write up about it. The movie, which a mix of comedy, martial arts, and spaghetti western; stars the very underrated Yuen Biao and Sammo Hung.

Millionaire's Express is about a small Western town in China that is having money troubles. Sammo Hung, who plays a lovable scoundrel, brings in some whores and a big plot to save the town. He decides to strand a trainload of rich people nearby, forcing them to stay in the town. Simple enough, but there are also several other plotlines running within the train. Once in the town, it all comes together. The film ends with pretty much everyone coming together and battling. It is quite fun.

What makes the movie really stand out, other than the things I have mentioned, is the large cast of very quirky characters. It ranges from some very sneaky Japanese warriors, a group of bandits(featuring Cynthia Rothrock and Richard Norton), the local police(who are in Jail for robbing the only bank in town), some gangsters from Shanghai, and Yuen Biao and what used to be the fire department.

If you like comedy martial arts and westerns, I think you will enjoy Millionaire's Express. Even if you don't enjoy those type of movies, you might just like this one. It is also one of those stand-out movies that I have shown to Non-Martial Arts fans and they enjoyed it a lot.

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