Tuesday, August 30, 2011

5 Whacky Questions with Chuck Cirino

Chuck Cirino is a name you may have never heard.....but you certainly should have. Chuck is a man that, for some unknown reason, is not a household name.  When in fact, Chuck is pretty much a legend in the B-movie world. An accomplished composer, he has over 50 scores under his belt. Including such amazing films as Chopping Mall, Terror Toons, Return of Swamp Thing, and Dinosaur Island.

Not only that, Chuck was the mastermind behind one of the greatest pieces of 90s pop culture, the nationally aired, Weird TV which I covered here! Also, his very entertaining webshow, Weird Los Angeles, of which Voodoo Rob is a constant viewer.

Q. What two famous, or not-so-famous, monsters that have never battled, would you like to see battle?
A. I would like to see one of Roger Corman's "Crab Monsters" battle "Alien". I think the mixture of rubber, plastic and paper mache would make a great protein shake.

Q. Harmonica(Once Upon a Time in the West) vs. Blondie(The Good, the Bad, the Ugly), who would win in a gunfight?
A. Blondie always wins, even if he doesn't have a musical instrument to play.

Q. You've been all across weird America and then some. What is the single weirdest thing you have seen?
A. That would have to be the three massive school buses I found buried nose-down in the ground somewhere in Oregon. There was no explanation for why they were there or who planted them.

Q. You are a very prolific, yet underrated composer, having recorded some amazing scores. Do you have a favorite score you have written?
A. I know this sounds clich├ęd, but my favorite piece of music is always the one I'm working on now. Whatever that may be.

Q. The Chuck Cirino deluxe edition action figure with Weird action grip....what accessories would it come with?
A. One full-sized star ship with full interstellar capabilities, the ultimate gourmet food synthesizer and a hot female side-kick.

Since Chuck was awesome enough to take the time to answer these questions, you should take the time to run over to the Weird America website to watch great weird things.  Then go to over to Weird TV on DVD and buy every DVD. You will NOT be disappointed.

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