Saturday, September 10, 2011

Twisted Anger Video

This is the first of what may become a regular feature on Hellbilly Hollywood. I do a lot of internet shopping. Hell, most of my shopping is done on the net now. Sales tax, and everything being overpriced here, makes shopping in Hollywood not worth it.

So I thought I would do a feature on some of the better places I shop from. Not only to send a little business their way, but to help other net shoppers like me to find good, trust worthy, places to order from.

Today I would like to talk about Twisted Anger, a DVD site I discovered semi-recently. Back in the days before the net, cult movie collectors like myself often had to struggle to get ahold of certain films. Usually it was mail order or from cons. The movies often were horrible quality, with weird subtitles or in another language, with crappy artwork. But you know, there was a certain charm and excitement to that. I'll never forget my coverless, copy of a copy of a copy of Hard Gore I paid 25 bucks for in the early '90s.

These days, with the internet and downloading, and most movies just a download away, the whole bootleg or underground movie market has dwindled away. But not over at Twisted Anger. Channard, the dude that runs the site, has managed to capture and bring back that feeling and then some.

 Twister Anger Review:
Twisted Anger is a DVD site that specializes in rare and out of print movies ranging from horror to westerns to porn. The dvds are not only affordable, but of very good quality. They have menus, chapter stops, and are playable on any DVD player. It is obvious a lot has gone into these transfers.

Twisted Anger offers two different kinds of DVDs. There is the standard edition which is the disc only, but it has a label printed directly on the disc and features chapter stops and menus. These discs are a steal at only $6.45 each. I bought Endgame, starring Laura Gemser, which is a standard. Then he offers the deluxe editions which have full color printing on the disc, full, unique covers, and any bonus material Twister Anger could put together. The packaging looks better than many store bought DVDs. And these run only $11.90.
                                 Example of Standard edition

Example of the Deluxe edition.

And how is the quality, you may be asking? From what I have seen it is very good. Each DVD has a rating on its info page, and to be honest, I think Channard is a little harsher with his transfers than I would be. For example, my copy of Endgame has great picture and sound for an old Italian print. I would have given it a 9 or 10, yet the site listed it as an 8. So you can trust the ratings.

Shipping took about three weeks. Which may not be Amazon fast, but Twisted Anger is one dude working his ars off. So it is understandable and worth it for such quality.  Ordering was simple, easy, and I was very pleased with my purchase.

So head on over to Twisted Anger and check it out! The about me section gives a much more in-depth overview of how he does things.

Here is just a small list of some of rare gems this site has to offer:
Dinosaur Island
Tarzan X:Shame of Jane
Edward Penishands
Ilsa: Tigress of Siberia
Evil Dead the Musical

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