Monday, October 3, 2011

Monster High

Being an avid toy collector, I am always on the lookout for new cool and/or random weird toys. A little over a year ago I discovered, what I thought was going to be a rare gem. On the bottom shelf, almost hidden, at a Toys R Us was a new toy line called Monster High. The concept was that these 10 inch fashion dolls were the daughters of famous monsters including Dracula, Frankenstein, the Mummy, and generic monsters such as the sea monster, zombie, etc. The dolls were very cute, really unique looking, and a really nice addition to the world of monster toys. I assumed they would come and go quickly, being rare at best. Monster fashion dolls seemed a bit scary for kids and a bit too girly for the often "macho" monster fans.

                               Spectra - Daughter of the Ghost

Well, I was thankfully wrong. Here we are a year later and the line has blown up to include so many new dolls and monsters, playsets, a clothing line, a webshow, Comic Con exclusives, the whole shebang! For once I am thankful to collectors, because I really believe it is adults who are keeping this line alive. The fanbase is rather rabid and wage a constant battle against shady toy herders/resalers.

As I said, the dolls are about 10 inches tall. They all come with accessories and some come with extra outfits. They are a tad frail, but unless you are actually playing with said dolls a lot, they should be fine. And for only around 20 bucks, it is easy to build up a large collection fast. I personally collect Lagoona, who is the daughter of the sea monster(generic term for the creature from the Black Lagoon). Most of the dolls are really cool and creative. There are a few duds though. All the males look terrible, either like boy band members or hipsters. Try to avoid those!

Most of the dolls are readily available at Toys R Us, Target, and Amazon. I highly recommend them, especially if you are a monster collector and are tired at looking at dudes all the time.

Draculara - Daughter of Dracula

Abby Bominable - Daughter of the Yeti

Lagoona - Daughter of the Sea Monster

Ghoulia - Daughter of the Zombie

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