Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Spookies - 1986 Twisted Anger Undead Edition

Today's update is about the Twisted Anger special release of Spookies on DVD. You may remember my review of Twisted Anger a few months back. They are an amazing company offering some of the rarest movies around, at good prices, and in GOOD quality.

Spookies is a very strange, but very cool monster movie. It has the typical 80s teens in a haunted house kind of plot, but with some of the most unique monsters ever put on film. Ranging from a really cool Grim Reaper to a spider woman to zombies. It kind of feels like a video. The people go from place to place in the house and run into different monsters. I highly recommend it for monster movie fans and 80s horror fans.

This Twister Anger special edition is really a great release. Not only has Spookies never been released on DVD before now, this version is of the best quality I have ever seen of it. Far better than the old VHS release in the late 80s. The packaging is top notch with full color artwork on case and DVD, as well as a unique looking white DVD case. For only 11.90 this DVD is a steal. I really just can't say enough nice things about Twisted Anger. So head on over and buy Spookies Undead Edition and 12 other titles.

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  1. Peter Iasillo, Jr. here. I played Rich (the joker who gets killed by the Spider Lady). Thanks for posting. Find me on FACEBOOK.