Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Voodoo Rob's very underrated albums!

It's been awhile since I have done anything about music. So I thought I'd talk about some albums that many have not heard, but should have!

Misfits - Famous Monsters
I think music fans, especially hardcore fans, get too caught up in legacy. Many think that just cause someone did something first, that means it is better. I disagree. At the end of the day, all that really matters is how much YOU enjoy a song or album. The Misfits have been one of my favorite bands since I was a preteen. I started with the Danzig era stuff and continued to follow them when new singer Michale Graves came in. That being said, I have never had that bias against Graves because Danzig was first.

Famous Monsters, released in 1999, is hands down my favorite Misfits album. It has the best production, the best written songs, it is the heaviest(some songs very close to metal), great packaging, and Graves is by far a better singer than Danzig. Whether one likes his style or not, you can not deny the man has an amazing range. This album should have been a much bigger success. Yet, it wasn't. And why? Because people were so hung up on Danzig, many never even gave it a shot. Had it been under a name other than Misfits, I think it would have been accepted. And even those that still like Danzig Misfits better, there is no denying that Famous Monsters is better than any post Misfits Danzig release.

So if you like melodic punk mixed with metal with horror movie themes, give this album a shot! And the video below was directed by George Romero!

WASP - Kill, Fuck, Die
WASP is a band that many people associate with hair metal. While it is true they had big hair, and did do a glam rock album, the band was overall NOT hair metal. They began as more of a satanic/occult shock rock/metal band. The first few WASP albums were way heavier than most hair metal and the later ones moved into a much more serious, often political direction.

Well, right there in the middle was Kill, Fuck, Die, which is my favorite WASP album. After a short hiatus, the band returned and they were pissed off at the world. And it shows! It is their darkest album, it is their heaviest album, and it is the most experimental. Many fans were turned off by just how dark the lyrics were and the fact that Blackie incorporated Middle Eastern and industrial music into their sound. The WASP stage show grew even darker at this point as well including the slaughter of a dead pig and the brutal knife codpiece raping of Marilyn Manson. It was one of the best concerts I have ever been to.

Kill, Fuck, Die is the one album I have found that non-WASP fans often enjoy. So if you want some heavy metal with screeching vocals, industrial high lights, and Middle Eastern guitar riffs, give K.F.D. a listen.


Lene Nystrom - Play with Me
Now for a very different album that I love, that NO ONE else has heard. Lene, as you may know, is the singer for the Danish pop group Aqua. They had a huge hit with Barbie Girl and some minor hits followed. No, they were not a one hit wonder. Every one of their singles charted and did well. And that was just in America. In Europe the band stayed, and remains, huge.

So I can understand how some may not have liked Aqua. Lene's voice, especially the cutesy style parts, is something you love or hate. Well, there isn't much of that on Play with Me, Lene's first solo album. What you have instead is sexy dance music mixed with rock and touches of pop. It is much more akin to the poppier Lords of Acid songs. Lene had said in an interview that the Bloodhound Gang was a big inspiration and that certainly shows. The lyrics aren't silly like theirs, but the song structures and sound is very similar. So kind of picture BHG with a sexy female vocalist, often singing about sex. That is this album!


  1. While there was an unfair hatred of Graves amongst many punks and metal heads alike, I feel like there were just as many fans happy to see the Misfits back together. At lease that was the case for me and all of my Misfits loving fiends. We all went out to see the Misfits with Graves at the mic as many times as possible in the late '90s and enjoyed the hell out of every show.

    While I'll never agree that he was better than Danzig, Graves is a good singer and was a great fit for that late Misfits sound. Hell, he sounded pretty awesome singing the classics too. Certainly much better than Jerry, which hurts me to say, because Jerry is an awesome dude. I still prefer American Psycho to Famous Monsters, and 12 Hits From Hell or Walk Among Us to either of the Graves fronted albums.

  2. Agreed on The Misfits, man. Really underrated...

  3. Yeah, Anthony, I know what you mean about Jerry! Super nice guy, but I would just rather them have a singer.Though, Devil's Rain was pretty good.

    Speaking of singers, did you hear Gorgeous Frankenstein? Wow, the singer was so bad I was embarrassed for Doyle.

    And when it comes to Michale vs Graves...I always say this...Helena or Mother? haha. For me, Helena by a landslide.

  4. Kill, Fuck, Die is really great. LOADS of atmosphere. Lots of metal bands around that time put out at least one album with an industrial/techno flavor. Similarly, Blackacidevil is my favorite Danzig album, hands down, and it's the one so many fans loathe to death.

  5. Blackaciddevil, or as I called it Nine Inch Danzig, was one of my fav Danzig albums as well. I thought Sacrfice was his best single yet.

  6. Aqua have got most of a new album together now and it's a lot different to anything they did before. Check out "Robot" by Aqua on YouTube and you'll see what I mean. BTW You have a comment now. :)