Saturday, March 17, 2012

Monstropolis - I Love Ilsa II by Rob S Gray

Monstropolis is the sequel to my last novel, the horror comedy I Love Ilsa. It continues the zany adventures of the monster rock band, I Love Ilsa. I am particularly excited about this one. It is where it really gets into the meat of the story and the overall story arch starts to come together. Though it is far more serious and has a much deeper plot, it is still slammed full of the wacky pop culture humor that made the first book what it was. So to give you an idea of the actual plot, here is the little write up from the publisher:

"A mysterious monster claiming to be Elizabeth Bathory, the Blood Countess, has risen up and taken over a large portion of Texas. Renaming it Monstropolis, the area is a safe haven for all monsters. From there she rules over the independent monster kingdom.

Monstropolis is an epic new adventure for the monster rock band I Love Ilsa. Growing sick of Los Angeles and its music scene, the band decides to go on tour and then relocate to Monstropolis. But the tour does not go exactly smoothly and things are not what they seem in Texas. The band deals with the usual hijinx, from monster strippers to an abduction of one of the members at a comic book convention to the liberation of New Orleans. Also, many secrets of Kane’s past will be revealed!"

And just a word on the page count. It doesn't sound like the books are very long, being only 200 pages, but the books themselves are large(hardback sized) with smaller print. So in essence, they are the equivalent of a 400 to 500 page paperback.

If you enjoyed I Love Ilsa, you will love Monstropolis. And right now, the first book of the series is now on sale for only 6 bucks!

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