Thursday, May 3, 2012

Kotobukiya Marvel: X-23 Bishoujo Statue

I have been a Marvel Comics diehard since I was a child. And I have been a toy collector for even longer. Especially, super heroes. But one problem I have had consistently over the years has been the female characters. There are a few decent figures, but overall, toydom hasn't been kind to the ladies of Marvel comics. They are often super manly or just ugly. And the few really good ones have been 100+ dollar statues that were super limited.

But then came the Bishoujo line. For really the first time, you can get Marvel Comics female characters, looking amazing, for a decent price. I have been a big fan of the Marvel Bishoujo statues for awhile now. I just haven't gotten any, Mrs. Voodoo collects them. But when I saw they were releasing an X-23, I just had to jump it. Now only she is a great, underused character, this statue looks fantastic. She is well made, big(around 6 inches), very detailed, and her claws are even sharp. Figures/statues of this size and quality, especially japanese ones, usually run anywhere from 80 to 100 dollars. At this figure is a steal at around 60.

The Mystique statue is very nice as well.
And just look at that butt! Gotta love dolls with booty.

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