Friday, June 15, 2012

Stephen Romano Presents Shock Festival (2009)

Being an avid exploitation film trailer collector, I was really excited to find this amazing release. Kind of a companion piece to a book I haven't read, Shock Festival is a three disc set all dedicated to exploitation and horror film trailers. The first two discs are all movie trailers and TV spots. Many I have a seen, but there were several gems on here I had never even heard of. The third disc is a massive collection of radio spot mp3s. Not sure how this would be helpful to the average person, but I have used these clips in dozens of songs.

Stephen Romano, who is also a screen writer, does an interesting set of commentary tracks. There are several easter egg trailers hidden in the creepy little graphics floating around the menus.

The only real downside to this DVD set is the collection of fake trailers. They are all really bad, looking more like  bad(redundant I know) alt-porn than anything else. But this is a very small section, easily skipped, in a set jammed full of good stuff. Just don't buy this disc for these "trailers". I highly recommend skipping them completely.

So, that aside, this is a great release, well worth buying if you love exploitation films and their trailers. I have watched these discs multiple times and played the hell out of the mp3 disc. And one of these days I plan to pick up the book that goes along with the set.

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