Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Exploitation...at the beach

So I spent the last week mostly lying on a Florida beach; that or catching up on Southern cooking and top secret Voodoo stuff. But when I wasn't doing those things, I was scouring the area for DVDs. More often than not, the LA versions of certain chain stores aren't as good as the rest of the country. My searching paid off, for I found several little goodies.

Oversexed Rugsuckers from Mars: was my first find. I had never even heard of this obscure 80s cult film until I found it for 5 bucks at a Books-A-Million. I haven't watched it yet, but it sounds quite funny and seems to be full of nudity.

12 Drive-In Theatre Cult Classics: was my second find. This 12 movie set, which was also 5 dollars, was available at several of the K-Marts I went to. You can't beat the value if you like 50s horror and sci-fi. This set contains:

The Wasp Woman
The Screaming Skull
The Killer Shrews
Frankenstein's Daughter
The Brain that Wouldn't Die
The Crawling Eye
The Giant Gila Monster
Cat Women of the Moon
Bride of the Monster
Devil Girl from Mars
Invaders from Mars
Invasion of the Animal People

Invasion of the Star Creatures/Invasion of the Bee Girls: was my final and best find. I've been wanting to see Invasion of the Bee Girls for years now. And to find it for only 3 dollars at Big Lots was quite the find. Big Lots is a place I always check when I am back in the South. I rarely walk out without some rare or odd DVD.

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