Sunday, September 16, 2012

Batman the Reboot

 I read recently that Warner Brothers are already thinking about rebooting the Batman movie series. With Christopher Nolan saying he is done with his, it only makes sense. And I think it is a great idea. There has yet to be a great Batman movie. Don’t get me wrong, the second and third Nolan films were great movies, but they weren’t great Batman movies. They were just too far removed from the source material. Then there was the first movie series. I don’t even want to acknowledge the disasters that were the Tim Burton movies. They failed on every single level. But the Joel Schumacher films looked really good. Had a nice style to them. But they were silly, poorly written, and just hokey.

I think the secret to finally making a GOOD Batman movie would be some middle ground. Take some of the comic book style of the Schulmaker movies and pair it with the deep writing of the Nolan movies. Make it look like a dark comic book.

Another big thing is everyone wants to try and do some kind of origin story. Just start it with everything established and just make mentions to what the people need to know. Batman the animated series is a perfect example of that done right.

And finally, casting. There were a few instances were the casting was dead on. But over all, both series seemed to go for trend and not for who really fit the characters.
So here is my list of who I would cast in a new Batman series.

Batman: Jensen Ackles

The casting of Bruce Wayne has probably been the biggest blunder of all the movies. Though George Clooney has been the worst, Christian Bale was a close second. Batman, when in his Bruce Wayne identity, is supposed to be a suave and charming guy. Whereas Christian Bale has a serious case of sneaky face. I mean, the man looks like he is plotting something at all times. Then there is that SILLY voice he uses while Batman. Terrible. My choice for Batman would be:

Jensen Ackles, of the TV show Supernatural, is just what the roles needs. He can be dark and troubled with the best of them, but in a second switch to funny and charming. I like the idea of the part going to someone who isn’t a big star. Give it to someone new who will do a good job. Not just someone to sell tickets.

Commissioner Gordon: Kurt Russell
Gary Oldman as Gordon was actually a great casting choice. It would be very hard to even come close. So Kurt Russell would have to step in. Not only is he my favorite actor, but you could believe he was a tough guy once. He is extremely likable, yet still could really seem like an authority figure.

Scarecrow: Christopher Heyerdahl
One of the biggest blunders of the Nolan series was Cillian Murphy as Scarecrow. Why on earth would they feel the need to put a pretty boy type in that role. Well, we know why, to sell tickets. I can’t count how many girls and guys I heard talk about how “hot” Scarecrow was. Scarecrow shouldn’t be hot! He should be as spooky without the mask as with it.

Christopher Heyerdahl would be an ideal choice for the role. He can be a spooky mofo when he wants to be and has one of the coolest voices ever. Hopefully you know him from his roles as Jack the Ripper on Sanctuary, Zor-El on Smallville, or Dieter Braun on True Blood. And those unfortunate enough, or fortunate if you have seen the Rifftrax, to have seen the Twilight movies might know him as one of the vampire council guys.

The Joker: Crispin Glover
Heath Ledger did an amazing job as The Joker. Another performance that would be hard to beat. But fortunately, he did such an unusual take on the character, all an actor would have to do is go more towards the Batman the animated series Joker. Whereas Ledger’s Joker was actually kind of funny, I think the right Joker would only think he was funny. No one else would see his antics as funny at all.

Ever since I saw the second Charlie’s Angels movie I knew that Crispin would be the perfect Joker. His performance as the Thin Man was so close already. All he needed was a cackling laugh and green hair. Crispin would bring the perfect amount of psychoticness to the part. Ledger was very likable in his portrayal. I think Crispin could actually scare people.

Harley Quinn: Kristen Bell
Really not a lot to say on this one. She’s cute, she’s small, she’s blonde. In the full Harley getup, and not some bastardized version, she would do well in the role. She would just need to study Arleen Sorkin’s(of Batman the animated series) voice and personality.

Catwoman: Megan Fox
 I know, people are already thinking “Man, she sucks”. But you know what, Fox has just never been given a chance. Sure, if you do nothing but sucky movies, you are gonna suck. No one would have been good in Transformers. I think the only things she is guilty of is  picking BAD movies. If she were to actually be in something good, she’d be awesome. But that isn't even why people hate her. It's either cause she's too hot or cause she doesn't kiss Hollywood ass and play the game.

She is crazy hot and has an almost sinister quality lurking behind her eyes. She has just the right amount of mischief and sexy to pull off Catwoman. People felt the same negative way about Angelina Jolie until she sold out and got boring. Now everyone loves her.

The Riddler: Jim Parsons
 I’ve had enough of the silly goofball Jim Carrey style Riddlers. We really need to get back to the source material and have a more somber, serious, but obviously crazy Riddler. And here I think Jim Parsons of The Big Bang Theory would be idea. His portrayal of Sheldon would only need a little bit of tweaking to become a really psychotic character. Hell, Sheldon is fairly crazy already.

Robin: Nathan Kress
 Robin, if done right, could be a cool character. Sadly, other than the animated series, Robin has never even come close to being done right. The Nolan version was just plain stupid. He would have been hard pressed to get any further away from the source material. Nathan Kress, who has really only done the Nick show iCarly, would make a good Robin. He is just nerdy enough that people wouldn’t think his day-to-day indentity was anything but a student. But rather than Richard Grayson, I would have him as the Jason Todd Robin and he would be killed off in the second movie. This would put Batman in an even darker place.

Nightwing: Ryan Kwanten
 Again, I would go to Batman: The Animated Series and go with the disgruntled Nightwing angle. He would be mad at Bruce for whatever reason and would only work with him if he had to. Nightwing would be a small part mostly, but would have more screen time in the final film, which I would base around the Hush story line.

Ryan Kwanten, Jason Stackhouse on True Blood, would be a nice fit for the part. He can do an American accent perfectly and is in super hero shape. Almost naturally good shape. Its a tad creepy.

Hush: Michael Rosenbaum
 Not much to be said either way. But Michael Rosenbaum was a great Lex Luthor. Why not a Batman villain as well. The Hush character, which is one of the strongest villains to come along since Bane, would be ideal for a feature film. Especially one that had already had the major characters established already in earlier films.


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