Saturday, March 2, 2013

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 1 and 2

I've often said, even on this blog, that there has yet to be a great film adaption of Batman. There have been some good ones, but still nothing to the caliber of what Marvel has done with Avengers or X-Men First Class. Well now, finally, DC animated films has made what is as close to a perfect Batman adaption as has ever been made.

The Dark Knight Returns 1 and 2 are a straight to DVD film series based on the comic by Frank Miller. I don't want to say too much about the story cause, for people like me who have not read the comic, there are a lot of surprises. But the base story is about a retired Bruce Wayne who gave up crime fighting after the death of Jason Todd aka Robin. Things have really gotten out of hand in Gotham City and Bruce makes his return as the Batman. In this film we get to see one of the sickest and violent Jokers yet. It ends with one of the most epic animated battles I have ever seen. And one hint, it isnt with the Joker.

These films are dark, serious, and very violent. The animation and imagery is great. It has that animated Batman feel, but with a real 80s twist too. Imagine a mix of Batman the Animated series and the 1981 Heavy Metal film. If you grew up at all in the 80s, you will find something you appreciate here.

The voice acting is very well done too. Peter Weller makes a fine Batman and is now probably my second favorite Batman under Tim Conroy. Even the music has that dark, 80s Escape from New York kind of feel to it.

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