Saturday, April 6, 2013

Ghost B.C. - Secular Haze

In the last year or so I had heard of the band Ghost several times. People often describe them as Mercyful Fate meets B.O.C. Which is an intriguing description, I had just never gotten around to really looking into them. Well, yesterday I was looking around the 'On Demand' feature of my cable and discovered Secular Haze, the newest music video of the band Ghost B.C. I was instantly taken by the look of the video. It felt exactly like watching a late 60s/early 70s Satanic film. Then band itself, dressed in black robes with faces covered, peeked my interest even more. Finally, the singer comes out looking like an demonic and skeletal pope and actually starts singing. A rarity for evil music these days.

These guys just get it and know exactly how to convey that eerie feeling in Satanic music that has been missing since the 80s. This video feels like watching an Argento movie in music video form. I know as a kid I would have not only loved these guys, but also been a bit scared. Theirs is a more subtle horror though. They avoid the cheeseball 'Look at me! Look at me! Please find me relivant!' antics of Marilyn Manson and the testosteroney bolstering of groups like Slipknot. But to me, there is a clear difference in horror rock and shock rock. Bands like Ghost B.C. or King Diamond do what they do to enhance the music, not just to get attention.  

Ghost B.C. has one album under their belt with their newest coming out next week. Don't let the metal label these guys often get fool you. Though pretty hard at times, I would really put them more with groups like Goblin or the more mellow of King Diamond's stuff. Like dark, progressive rock. I can't stress how well these guys would have fit into the soundtracks of Susperia or Deep Red.


  1. Really cool stuff Rob. Reminds of of old BOC.

  2. Yeah! And I noticed today that the singer oddly sounds like Michael Stype, but creepy.