Monday, July 8, 2013

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil and a bit of Southern Pride

This entry will be a review of Tucker and Dale vs Evil AND a rant of sorts. So if you just want to read the review, you can jump on down to the fourth paragraph. But if you wanna read about a little bit of Southern Pride and a small look at the media demonization of the South, read on!

Growing up in the very deep South, and having just always been around redneck and Southern culture, I really took it all for granted. And of course, most of us who are counter culture teens just have to hate where we are from and rebel against that. In some cases its warranted, but in many, it's just cause you have never lived anywhere else. This was absolutely the case for me. It took living in Hollywood for a few years to realize how great the South really is. But if you had told me fifthteen years ago what a huge fan of redneck/Southern culture I would become, I never would have believed it. But sure enough, the whole Hellbilly culture has become one of my favorite things.

So all that said, I am always hesitant to watch anything produced in Hollywood dealing with the South. The movie industry and media has unfairly demonized the South since....well, always.  Sure, some bad stuff happened a long time ago. Guess what? That crap happened everywhere, all over the world. And yeah, there are some jerks in the South, but where aren't there jerks? But the South, much like New Jersey and Cleveland, are easy targets for the idiots in Hollywood. The whole toothless, racist rednecks everywhere stereotype is 100% fiction.  It's funny that a region with this bad a reputation also has a reputation of being very nice and polite.  If you want an honest view of what life in the South(the non-urban areas) is like, watch some reruns of My Name is Earl. Though not set in the South, it really captures that small town vibe.

Back to my point, things have gotten a little better recently. Though the first season was very insulting to Southerners, seasons two and three of the Walking Dead was a good example of a show set in the South that doesn't demonize it. True Blood as well for the most part. So with things like this, I've started giving more things a shot. Tucker and Dale vs. Evil came highly recommended. So I took a chance.

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil is a hard film to describe without giving away the whole. With the title, and the DVD cover, I was kind of expecting an Evil Dead style movie. But Tucker and Dale is nothing at all like those films. Without saying too much, there is no supernatural evil lurking within the cabin. Really, the best way I can describe it is a series of really unfortunate events. Though full of gore and violence, Tucker and Dale is barely what I would call a horror movie. It's really just a comedy with carnage. 

Released in 2010, Tucker and Dale vs. Evil is a very unique film in many ways. For once in a Hollywood film, the redneck characters are not only the heroes of the story, but also very intelligent, kind, and likable. The villain of the story is a jerky frat boy who has an unfair bias against the South because of what he had heard about it. Sound familiar?

The film stars Alan Tudyk(of Firefly fame) and Tyler Labine(who I have come to think of as sorta like Jack Black... if Jack Black was funny and talented). They play two redneck buddies who go out to the country to work on a vacation house. Also vacationing in the area are a group of asshole college kids. The two groups run across each other and the gory hilarity begins!

Tucker and Dale is funny, violent, and very creative in how the stories intersect. Even if you aren't into Southern culture, I think any fan of dark comedy would get a kick out of it.


  1. I saw it when it was first on Netflix. I didn't like it because it's a comedy. There's no other way of playing a story like this really though.

    You're right about "My Name is Earl" and "True Blood". I've given up on the latter now, but I enjoyed the first seasons.

  2. Really nice review Rob I LOVE this movie. Why this wasn't a bigger hit at the box office is one I'll never figure out (did it even play theatres ??). Tucker & Dale were two of the most fun & enjoyable characters in recent movie history. You were really rooting for them.

    1. I don't think it made it to theaters at all. I was looking on Wiki, and it said something about the film taking three years to make. Maybe there were some behind the scenes issues. Anyways, you are right. And I just like those two actors a lot too. Tyler Labine was really funny on Sons of Tuscon.