Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Pre-Halloween Random Entry

Those of you who have been reading Hellbilly Hollywood for awhile know that I generally take the month of October off. The reason? Because nearly every blog out there, even non-horrror related ones, start ramping it up and posting more than double the usual amount. Some even post every day. And in this onslaught of horror posts and updates, its super easy to get lost in the flood. So I just sit back, enjoy it, and watch a horror movie a day for the whole month.

To get a little blog fever out of my system before the Halloween season, the Pre-Halloween Random Entry! Just a little collection of random stuff I wanted to talk about.

Silvia Superstar, who was the vocalist and song writer for The Killer Barbies, will be(or has) releasing(released) a new CD/Record from her new band, Silvia Superstar and Los Fabulosos. Not punk like Killer Barbies, Los Fabulosos has kind of a vintage 50s and early 60s rock sound. Really good stuff. Only problem, most of the info is in spanish, so I dont know if this release will be available in the states or not.

I love her work. From Killer Barbies to her electronic solo album to the new group. I also like the two Jess Franco movies about the Killer Barbies.

Next up we have two amazing pieces of fanart for one of my favorite films, In the Mouth of Madness. The first is a mock book cover for The Hobb's End Horror, one of Sutter Cane's books from the movie. The next is an amazing custom DVD cover for the film itself. I'm not sure who did these, but they are just great.

Finally, there are quite a few cool horror related events coming up. At the end of this month I will be attending Waxwork Records' Day of the Dead screening/Record release party. To be held at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood, they will be showing the film and then doing an autograph signing with the film composer John Harrison as well as Romero himself. I pre-ordered the record, so I won't have it in time to get it signed. But there is also a CD version that I plan on getting at the event.

The record release is a 2LP set with liner notes by Romero, fully remastered sound, and a bonus poster. I think it's sold out for pre-order, but I can't imagine them not doing a second run of these.

And with that, enjoy the Halloween season! And if you don't already, follow me on facebook and twitter for small random pieces of voodooy goodness.

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  1. Great stuff Rob ! (that Mouth of Madness DVD cover is freakin' amazing) The Silvia Superstar music sounds interesting. I liked the Killer Barbies stuff.