Sunday, September 15, 2013

Trailer Time Returns!

Time for another installment of my exciting ongoing series about random and bizarre stuff I think you should see... or at very least the trailer of.

Robot Carnival - ok, so not a trailer(cause I couldnt find one) but a segment from one of my all time favorite animated movies. This is really anime at its height, before the anime boom of the 90s watered everything down. Its never been released on DVD, but some VHS copies are still floating around.

Bikini Squad - A funny little early 90s Baywatch parody. Low on nudity, but its fun enough to make up for that.

Sugar Hill - A combo of Blaxploitation and Horror with a voodoo theme. Good times.

Suicide Club aka Jisatsu Circle - I am openly pretty hard on modern Japanese cinema. But they do manage some great stuff here and there. This strange movie about a rash of teen suicides has a thick, intriguing plot and some nice ick moments. The trailer makes it seem like supernatural horror, but it's not.

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  1. Hey Rob. Really cool stuff. I love Sugar Hill. Always thought it was strange that star Marki Bey didn't have a bigger career. She did some TV & a couple of Arthur Marks movies (Class of '74 & The Roommates) among others, then kind of faded way. I thought she had a great presence (and looked pretty darn good !)