Saturday, December 21, 2013

5 Whacky Questions with Hells Fire Sinners

 Most people in America have somewhat distorted view of the essence of Country music and where it came from. And this is totally understandable. The terrible pop country that has dominated the charts since the 90s is all many have ever been exposed to. With the exception of Johnny Cash, the average music listener thinks of Country as pearlie smiled, god fearing, friendly folks with acoustic guitars and a face made for a poster. But the heart of Country couldn't be even further from that. The oldschool guys were the first rebels of music. The first outlaws. The first bad boy, trouble makers. And because of these vintage rebels, there has been a resurgence of that outlaw spirit. Handfuls of musicians are going back to that classic sound, shaping new takes on the classic sound in Outlaw Country, Cowpunk, Hellbilly Rock and even Rockabilly and its numerous sub-genres.

Hailing from Ohio of all places, Hells Fire Sinners is unique even within a unique subgenre. Whereas many Hellbilly groups will do Country music and Punk or Metal, these outlaw rockers actually manage to combine the two. Though they do classic Country sounding tracks as well, many of their songs will feature blistering, heavy guitar riffs, but with twangy Country vocals. Their sound is much like if Hank III sang for the heavier, Graves-era Misfits. And to add to it all, the Hells Fire Sinners also focus quite a bit of their material on horror movies. Their stuff is rowdy, violent, and full of profanity. Exactly how Country Music should be. Since American Rock has no balls left, groups like this are making up for it.
The following is an interview I conducted with Alan and Andy through a Lovecraft-esc cosmic group mind meld. And my beard has never been healthier looking.

Q. To get the basics out of the way for frame of reference.... what is your all time favorite horror movie.
A. I've got so many "favorite" horror films but I'll go with the original Evil Dead. You can't go wrong with Bruce Campbell, Sam Raimi and the Shemps.

Q. You often hear horror or sci-fi based bands compare their albums, or the band itself, to a movie in sound. Sometimes a specific movie. What film or film series, horror or otherwise, would you say best sums up Hells Fire Sinners and why?
A. I'd have to say The Phantasm, because we're really just dwarf zombies trying to take over the world for the tall man (also known as Glen Danzig).

Q. Zombie Johnny Cash in a chainsaw fight against zombie Hank Williams, who wins?
A. It would have to be Hank because he died in his 20's so he'd be a much faster, stronger, tougher zombie. Cash could barely move when he was alive at the end, could you imagine him trying to start a chainsaw as a zombie?

Q. Have you found it harder to make a name for yourself being based out of Ohio rather than the South? Until you guys, I'd never heard of a mid western country group. 
A. No, not at all. Ohio has had a pretty good "cow-punk" scene. Groups like Two Cow Garage, Appalachian Death Ride and The Sovines(RIP) have been killing in bars for years. There are also pretty good punk rock and rockabilly scenes here. We just slip and slide between all the different scenes playing with whoever will have us. 
Oh yeah, Mojo Nixon lived in Cincinnati for a number of years and Dwight Yoakam grew up in Ohio can't be all bad. On a side note I have to say the North and South Carolina treat us like family when we go down there there and we love them for it.

Q. Finally, if Hells Fire Sinners could collaborate with any famous horror or grindhouse figure, be it a director, actor, artist, who would it be and why?
A. I'm going to cheat on this one and give two answers.
1. Vincent Price. Ignoring the fact that he is:
       A) One of the greatest horror actors of all time.

       B) A great cook(he wrote a cookbook, go find it) and

       C) Dead.

I just want him to do voice-overs on all of our songs like he did in Michael Jackson's Thriller. Okay and maybe pop up in a few of our videos every once in a while, not that we have any.  

2. I'd love to work with the band Goblin. Their work with Dario Argento is some of the scariest music ever. I not sure we could find any common ground musically but it sure would be fun to try.

There we have it. Now run on over and check out: Hells Fire Sinners on Facebook


  1. Thanks for this Rob. They sound great - kinda remind me of The Beat Farmers. I'm going to track down their CD.

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