Sunday, August 24, 2014

Yakuza Dead Souls - PS3

I must admit I was very hesitant going into this game. Being that I'm not really into modern Japanese pop culture, the subject matter didn't interest me at all. With the subject matter being the Yakuza and side missions involving karaoke, hostess clubs, and hot springs; I figured you would have to be an Otaku type or just really into Japan to enjoy it. But I do like zombie games. So when a friend highly recommended it, and being that it was only 10 bucks new, I figured I would give it a shot.

Luckily, I was mistaken with my trepidation. Yakuza Dead Souls, though steeped in Japanese culture, is at its core just a fun zombie game. You run around the streets of Japan blowing away zombies and taking part in side missions(if you so choose). The plot is fairly straight forward, but still entertaining. The story is broken up into chapters. In each you play a different Yakuza member; each with different weapons, motivations, and quirky personalities. I particularly enjoyed the very comedic second chapter, which stars a crazy guy who enjoys the zombie outbreak.

As far as gameplay, Yakuza Dead Souls is a third person action adventure game. It reminded me a great deal of Dead Rising II, but not nearly as frustrating or hard. Most of the focus is on shooting and your base guns never run out of ammo. There are lots of other ways to kill zombies, but I mainly just shot them. You can also upgrade your guns and armor and it offers a lot of weapon customization for folks into that sort of thing. All in all its a fairly easy game, which I like. I don't play video games to be annoyed.

The side quests, which are numerous but totally optional, actually have some merit. To my great surprise I found myself rather enjoying the hostess clubs and trying to woo the girls. And if you win the girl's heart, she can join you in battle.

The only thing in the game I didn't care much for was the targeting. If you just shoot normally, you automatically target the nearest zombie; which I like. But in order to get a headshot, which kills them a lot faster, you have tap the button in a certain way that often turned me around weirdly. It irked me, but not enough to ruin the game. Just don't go in expecting Red Dead Redemption and you'll be fine.

I should also mention that this game is the fourth or fifth in a series of non-horror games. I didn't know this till well into the game, but it really didn't affect anything. I was never lost or confused.

So in summary; Yakuza Dead Souls is a fun, easy zombie game and you don't have to be super into Japan to enjoy.


  1. Hey Rob,
    This looks like some damn good fun. Nice to see you posting again !

  2. Thanks! Its good to be back, I think!

    1. Hi Rob
      I've been trying to get The Wacky World added to my blog reading list but every time I add it to the list it still shows up as your old blog (which has been removed).