Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Whacky World of Corpse Paint

 I am definitely a sucker for black metal. I like good black metal. Bad black metal. Quote/unquote poser black metal. Heck, the cheesier and over-the-toppier the more fun it is. And with black metal often comes corpse paint. Or as I lovingly call it, "Sad Kiss" paint. So I figured I'd throw together a small list of some of my favorite corpse paint and other theatrical makeup jobs. So enjoy The Good, the Bad, and the Corpse Paint.

King Diamond - Not black metal per se, but the King definitely helped pave the way for black metal and its aesthetic. He also happens to be one of my favorite musicians and is one of the leaders in well done corpse paint. For decades now King has rocked the paint. He has also managed to walk that fine line where his music and imagery has been like watching a classic horror movie, more so than some dude trying to scare folks. And just look at that mustache in the second pic. King was sportin' a mustache long before hipsters said it was cool.

Immortal - The saddest of the Sad Kiss looks. I mean, look how sad the guy in back looks. I can just imagine him doing the Darth Vader "NOOOOO!" scream from Episode III. These guys have gone so far into the bad territory that they have wrapped all the way around and are into awesome territory. Their band photos always make me smile. Probably not what they were going for though.

Dani Filth - A name that causes many black metal die-hards to cringe. I personally enjoy Cradle of Filth's music and always have. Make-up wise though, Dani has been all over the map like his weird stint with Robert Smith hair and glitter makeup. I had kind of given up on the band image wise. But the newest Cradle band photos shows a new look that is extremely cool. Kind of a skeleton meets jack-o-lantern look. Sure, its not super scary, but Dani has always had a strong wit about himself and the band. My only small gripe is his X-Men Days of Future Past future body armor. I think a suit or even a pilgrim outfit would have been much more effective. 

Random Boobie Girl - I don't know who this is or where this photo comes from, but nicely done corpse paint and upside down cross boobies....I'm sold! Wish her head wasn't cut off though.

Lizzy Borden - From their image in the Appointment with Death time period, someone new to the band would probably think Lizzy Borden was black metal, horror metal, or even horror punk. But they are actually a straight forward classic metal band that borders on power metal. But I enjoy the unexpected image combined with their classic metal sound. And I'm also just a big fan of skull paint. The vocalist, whose name is also Lizzy, has always done things a bit differently than his peers. Go youtube the video for Me Against the World. I don't know what Lizzy was going for, but it is an extremely bizarre and unsettling look right in the midst of hair metal.


  1. Great post Rob. I saw King Diamond in concert back in the 90's up in Virginia, My friend was a huge fan and I went with him to the show. He put on a GREAT concert and afterwards my friend hung around to get some stuff signed. King came out and spoke to everyone waiting, thanked everybody and signed everything. He was a super nice guy.

    1. Thanks!

      And I've heard that. King is supposed to be one of the most down-to-earth, fan friendly musicians out there. I think its cool too that of all the places in the states he could have settled, he chose Texas.

  2. I am also a fan of the Random Boobie Girl.