Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Horrible Horror - 1986

As a youngin' monsters were pretty much my world. From the classic Universal Monsters all the way to the 80s b-movies I watched constantly. But it wasn't until 1986 when I saw the video tape of Horrible Horror that I was exposed to the Horror Host phenomenon. I knew who Elvira was, but wasn't yet familiar with her work. Seeing this video exposed me to so much I consider it one of the defining moments of my youth.   

Horrible Horror is a compilation of 50s and 60s horror and sci-fi movie trailers. Subtitled as “The Best and the Worst of Horror and Sci-Fi”, the original compilation  had scenes and trailers from over fifty vintage films. It also included some rare and unique footage like bloopers, outtakes, and an interview with Bela Legosi. But what made it really stand out for me was the humorous skits by 1950s and 60s horror host John Zacherley. The Cool Ghoul is having to move out of his castle and is going through his various weird and whacky stuff. He electrocutes some monster toys, dissects a glob monster, and plays with a brain. It is epitome of late night TV and Horror Hosts.

Over the years I watched this VHS tape so many times that it started to wear out. Certain parts became unwatchable. I eventually transferred it to DVD myself. It wasn't the best transfer, but at least I didn't have to worry about it breaking in the VCR. I had always hoped they would do a DVD release, but that didn't seem likely. It was such an obscure title and as far as I know, Good Times Video is long gone. I even tried writing Good Times back in the 90s to try and urge a new release.

So you can imagine my surprise when lurking around Amazon recently I saw that not only was it out on DVD(had been since 2013) but also as a special edition with twenty-five more trailers and a bonus disk of extras. How this slipped by me I do not know. I keep a pretty close eye on all things Zacherley, who is still my favorite Horror Host of all time.

The special edition is fantastic. Not only does it include the added trailers, there are also more skits with Zacherley, some behind the scenes footage, and the full 1958 film Frankenstein's Daughter. There is also a clip of Zach on 1960s TV show called What's My Line? Even if you aren't familiar with Zach, I recommend this comp to anyone that likes the sillier side of trailer comps and monster movies. It is a perfect little slice of Monster Kid life.

Some of the trailers included are:
The Brain That Wouldn't Die, Santa Claus Conquers the Martians, The Killer Shrews, War of the Colossal Beast, 13 Ghosts, House on Haunted Hill, Glen or Glenda, Screaming Skull, and tons more.


  1. I remember when the VHS came out. It was pretty cool as this was one of the first trailer compliations out there. Zach's alive and kicking at 96 and up till recently was still was doing the Chiller show every year in Jersey. Nice to know this is out on DVD - this is going to be perfect for Halloween this year !

    1. I'm glad you remember it. And, odd coninky dink, I'm saving the DVD for Halloween this year also. I think I am gonna start my 31 days of Halloween with it.