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6 Whacky Questions with Rene Perez!

As some of you may know, I do a little acting, usually just to pay the bills. But I have been a part of a few horror projects just for the love of the genre. It was on one such as this, a zombie movie, where I first met writer and director, Rene Perez. I worked on it for two days, playing two different zombies. I quickly saw that Rene and I had a similar sense of jackassery, and we kept in touch after filming completed.

It was in this time after that I got to know Rene as an artist and just an all around spiffy fella. He is probably best known for his The Dead and the Damned series, or the creepy Playing with Dolls films. Unlike many horror and sci-fi directors that do it just for the money, Rene has a true love of making films, as well as a strong grasp on the subject matter, and proper influences. He actually cares about making good horror, western, and sci-fi movies, not just worried about the paycheck. The horror world really needs more like him. It is also important to note that Rene, like myself, is a big ol' Star Trek nerd.

So here we have one of the best interviews I have ever done.

Q. Alone on a planet with just their wits, Captain Kirk has to battle Han Solo for survival. Who would win and why?
RP: I love Star Trek and Star Wars equally but the answer is easy. Kirk would win. Han Solo is awesome and he is good at reacting to danger but Kirk makes his own situations. He's a tactical thinker. Kirk has defeated everything from enemy fleets to gods. At best, Han Solo might survive by escaping but this is Captain Kirks universe and we're all just living in it. Also, and most importantly, Kirk would not have waited so long with Princess Leia. He would have had her in bed in the first movie. And that folks, is what makes a real hero. Hail Kirk. Hail Shatner. 

Q. All time favorite horror and/or Sci-Fi? 
RP: There is a lot of great Sci-Fi out there. Empire Strikes back and Wrath of Khan are my favorite movies. And I love everything from Aliens to the Road Warrior. I wish I could say the same for horror. As a matter of fact there is no defining horror movie in my opinion. Phantasm and Nightbreed were good attempts at a defining horror movie but they missed the mark.  I used to love Halloween 1 and 2 when I was a kid but the scare factor doesn't hold up. I love making horror movies although I'm not the biggest fan of horror movies. I know that sounds strange.  

Q. The film that most influenced you in the making of your own films?
RP:  The movies I like have zero and I mean zero influence on the movies I write and direct. I make genre action and horror movies so I try to stay within the confines of those genre's but that's as far as I go. When I'm writing the script, or out filming, no other movies enter my mind. Movies in general are not what inspire me to make movies. Not even when I was a kid. I just have a constant urge to create. It comes from inside and has it's own voice. 

Q. You have some cool unique creatures in  your films. Yours truly included, who could forget Miami Vice Zombie. Anyways. But if you could do an action figure of one character, which would it be? And what would the diorama look like?
RP: You made a great zombie Rob, that's for sure. If you mean to ask about one of the characters from my movies - Maybe the mech soldier from my Dead and the Damned 2 and 3. Or better yet, the Slasher from my Playing with Dolls movies.  Or if you mean a figure from pop culture? Probably a Highlander figure. Or Rick Deckard. I always wanted those when I was a kid. And I'd prefer small gi joe size and articulation.  *Interviewers Note: I did actually mean which of his characters, my question was just kinda poorly worded, but it made for an even cooler response*  
                            Mech Soldier with  three thousand points of articulation 

Q. Which do you feel was better, pop culture wise. The 70s or the 80s? 
RP: Great question. I love the 70's. It's my favorite time for music and movies. But I'm a child of the 80's so I have a nostalgia driven connection to that decade. I just made 2 horror movies called Playing with Dolls. I did one with a 70's movie style and the other with a 80's style. Those will come out early 2016. I don't know which decade was better. I think those are the best 2 decades ever for movies and music.  If you put a gun to my head and made me choose,..... Probably the 80's.

Q. Final question, but boy is it a doozy. Being a writer and director, if Star Wars Episode VII had been given to you, what direction would you have taken it? 
RP: Star Wars is Divine and I'm not worthy. And neither are these new film makers. So to answer your question- I would would have taken Lucas's idea's and tried to execute them as best I could. Star Wars requires a genius creator like Lucas. Or if that wasn't available I would make a story based mainly on Luke, Han and Leia. I would make Han and Leia's kids the secondary characters. I would do a story where Leia is Queen of the new republic but the public and military turn on her when they finally discover her father was Darth Vader. Leia, Han and their kids would become fugitives. they would go on a quest to find the only man who can save them.  Luke would be hiding like a hermit (for decades) because he believes that the Jedi and Sith caused too much destruction in their time and wants them to be forgotten. Then during the coarse of this new adventure he would rediscover the greatness of the Jedi. Han would die to save Leia and his kids. Chewie would be willing to die with him but Han would say, "not this time pal, take care of them for me," and eject Chewie to safety while he pilots the falcon into save the day in one last sacrifice. 

In the end Luke would set off into the galaxy to find force sensitive people to train for a new Jedi order. Roll credits. I don't know. I would have to give it some serious thought. But the point is, I would make the feeling of the original 3 characters the main focus. I didn't wait 30 years to see all new characters. I know they're old but that's life. We'll all be old some day. 

So now I think you see how awesome this mofo is. Check out one.. or ALL of his films today.  They are out on digital and more importantly, DVD! 

Click here for Rene's IMDB listing

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  1. Nice interview Rob. Interesting that he doesn't let any of favorite genre films enter into his thought process when working on his movies. I've had The Dead and the Damned II in my Amazon queue and want to watch it soon. BTW, I liked Flesh & Blood (I REALLY enjoyed his drawing style with the female characters !). Nice to see a modern comic artist referencing classic horror.