Monday, December 28, 2015

Rockin Jelly Bean

Who or what is Rockin Jelly Bean, you may ask? The answer is a Luchador mask wearing artist who plays in a surf rock band, runs a rock shop, and draws scantily clad and naked girls in a 1970s style. Definitely my type of artist. I discovered his work some time ago with his Boogie Nights fan poster. I really liked the style and look of it, better even than the real movie poster. After seeing some more of his work, I researched him further and found that the Boogie Nights image wasn't a fluke. His stuff is consistently great. To quote his website, his stuff is of "beautifully nasty and cutely obscene women".  Can't go wrong with that! 

Rockin Jelly Bean captures that feeling of 1960s and 70s pop culture, but also mixes in a rock n roll edge and all with his unique flavor to it. I really enjoy artists who are able to properly capture that 1970s exploitation film feel.  
Rockin Jelly Bean has quite a bit of merch out there. Shirts, toys, statues, books, and all kinds of other stuff. Though based in Japan, his web store Erostika does say it does international orders.

The Bean himself

For more on this masked madman check out the Rockin Jelly Bean Website

And for more on his band check out Jackie and the Cedrics


  1. Man, that's GORGEOUS stuff. I'd love to get one of those prints sometime. There also looks to a store on ebay called k-shop-japan that sell a bunch of his prints.

    1. Oh, thanks for the tip! I will look for that.