Monday, January 18, 2016

A Whacky Spotlight on Ben Newman

So I'm kinda sorta totally ripping off my buddy Terry Osterhout and doing a little spotlight on the fantastic artist, Ben Newman. But hey, both Terry and Ben deserve more attention for their work. So here they are on the Whacky World.

Ben, like many great artists, is one whose work I had seen online a lot, mostly on tumblr, but just didn't realize it was by the same guy. It wasn't until I saw Terry's spiffy new webshow, Mondopopsickle, that I realized that all these great pieces I had liked were from Ben.

Ben's art really covers my favorite things in life; monsters, robots, and naked girls! He manages the perfect balance of sleazy and weird. His style is unique and original, but not so stylized that the women aren't attractive. Truly great stuff.

So head on over to Ben's site and buy a ton of stuff.

And check out the first episode of Mondopopsickle for even better info on Ben. The soundtrack is pretty good too.

1 comment:

  1. Cool stuff Rob ! I especially like the one with monster and the girl on the dock.