Saturday, February 13, 2016

Deadpool - 2016

This will be a spoiler free/synopsis free review. Since every comic site around is talking about Deadpool, I thought I would throw in my one and a half cents. But I've been a Deadpool fan for a long time. I will admit, I didn't become a big fan until the 2000s when they made him quirky. Early Nicieza/Liefeld was neat, I had the 90s action figure, but wasn't top tier by any means. I think true credit for Deadpool, the Deadpool that people love, goes to Joe Kelly and Daniel Way. Anyways, I've been a Deadpool fan for a long while and have really been looking forward to this movie. I even really liked him in Wolverine Origins(the five minutes when he was still Ryan Reynolds).

 Yup, I went at 11 in the morning

So now the movie. Basically, if you are a big fan of the comic, you will like the movie. There is very little, if anything, to take issue with. It sticks extremely true to the source material. Far more so than any X-men movie yet. And it is slammed full of inside jokes, comic references, and little jabs to both Reynolds and Hugh Jackman.

If you don't know the character, which was the bulk of the audience, but like quirky, violent, funny, foul mouthed action, you will like it at well.

If you are one of those hipster types whining that Deadpool is too popular and trendy, and don't want to see it just cause of that, then you are a turd and don't deserve to see it anyways. Sure, it can be annoying, but as long as popularity doesn't dumb down the property, all it really means it more stuff for me to buy.

                                                The 6th Scale Hot Toy figure 

One thing I do feel the need to mention, and the one thing that brought Deadpool down from being an A++ movie to just an A+ movie. It gets a bit serious and heavy in the middle. Wade's backstory, though still comedic in parts, is very dramatic. It's kind of that Guardians of the Galaxy formula of Funny, Serious, Funny. Some folks like that, I don't. But the rest of Deadpool is so freaking good, it made up for it.

And parents, Deadpool is absolutely not a kid's movie. It's full of delicious bloody violence, profanity, and full frontal nudity.

"See my movie, but leave stupid children at home"

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