Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Top 5 New School Creep List

On Twitter recently I saw a horror meme lamenting the glory days of Hollywood monsters and madmen. In essence, it was complaining that there were no new iconic creeps. That we would never see another Leatherface or Jason Vorhees. It got me to thinking about modern horror. Yeah, I do think horror went through a long dry patch where, even though some quality stuff slipped out, the bulk of it was not good. It kind of began with Scream and really didn't end until the 2010s. Exceptions of course being the Saw films, The Ring, and so on.

But I think horror is on an upswing again. Some quality stuff has been coming out. And in such, some great new horror movie creeps, killers, and monsters have hit the scene. So here is my list of my favorite modern age fiends.

Captain Spaulding - About as iconic as a movie creep can be and from one of the best horror movies of the modern age. He is in many ways the Freddy Kruger of the millennium, being scary but also funny with a lot of personality. With the insane amount of great quotes and just how cool he looks, I think the Captain deserves a place in the creep hall of fame.

Sam - Trick r Treat was quite the pleasant surprise. It seemed to come out of nowhere with little attention or fanfare, yet was an extremely strong, high quality horror film that could have easily played in major theaters. It had a great mix of 80s charm and modern flare. And part of what made it so great was of course, Sam. This little creep had an awesome design that was just perfect for merchandise. I found myself rooting for him the whole time. I had hoped the Trick r Treat would begin a franchise. I could see little Sam continuing his adventures for a long time. 


Robbie the Rabbit and Pyramid Head - Not all horror creeps are from the movies. The world of video games is one the best places to find good sci-fi and horror. Many see them as just as viable a form of art as film itself. The Silent Hill games stand out as one of the finest horror franchises of all time. And Robbie and Pyramid Head are instantly recognizable by almost anyone with even a vague interest in horror. So much so that both made it to the big screen in the Silent Hill film series. 

Darth Maul - The Lipstick Demon from Insidious, one of my favorite modern horror films, really stands out as one of the best new school creeps. His first real reveal in the film is one of the creepiest movie moments I've ever seen. I really hope he makes a return soon. And some action figures wouldn't hurt either. 

Porcelain -  The Houses that October Built was a pretty darn good film, even though the jerky found footage style made me motion sick. But what really stands out in the movie was the creeps. The strange haunted attraction fiends were all really cool looking. And my favorite was the living doll, Porcelain. She wasn't in it much, but her little scene on the bus was very amusing. I hope they do more with this film, turning it into a franchise. A franchise that moves away from found footage. There is potential here for something much greater. 

Honorable Mention -  The Goat Demon from Annabelle was just freakin' cool looking. Would love to see more of him. 


  1. Capt. Splauding was great. I loved the part where he raised his hands during the robbery. Plus Sid is one of the nicest convention guests you could hope to meet.

    1. I agree totally. Met him and Mosley right after 1000 Corpses came out and they were both great. Mosley actually gave me an autograph for free cause I was wearing a Chop Top's BBQ T-Shirt.