Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Ghoultown - Ghost of the Southern Son

I've been singing the praises of Ghoultown for many many moons. Anyone who regularly reads this blog or follows my twitter knows this. So it might even be redundant at this point to cover the boys again. But the new album is so freakin' good, so amazingly great, I just had talk to about it. And if there is anyone left on the fence about picking something up by Ghoultown, this is the one!

Somewhere around a year ago I had a conversation with frontman Lyle Blackburn. It was about the time he had started writing the songs that would make up Ghost of the Southern Son. Even then he told me that it might be his best work yet and the most epic Ghoultown release yet. Lyle certainly wasn't wrong. Ghost of the Southern Son is definitely the most epic sounding GT release. I've always said that Ghoultown is like a horror western in sound. But this time that horror western is bigger, bolder, and playing for higher stakes.

The sound of the new album still has that familiar heavy western feel to it, but as usual, Ghoultown never lets anything get stale. Southern Son is probably the most experimental of the group's releases with touches of steel guitar, a female choir that sounds right out of a spaghetti western, and even a bit of metal. Lyle once told me that his favorite two bands were the Misfits and Mercyful Fate. And whereas Ghoultown does not sound like either group, you can hear the influence. I can just picture Lyle sitting in a room with King Diamond and Jerry Only as they craft these tracks. Only it's Lyle's voice who dominates in the end.

I should also mention that this is the best sounding GT release yet too. The audio and production is top notch, sounding as good as a million dollar record.

For me, the stand out tracks are the punky Ghost of the Past, the Southern rockin' Blood, Bullets, and Whiskey, and of course, the single, I Am the Night. But when every freakin' track is a stand out track, it's hard to narrow it down.

So go right now and buy Ghost the Southern Son. And get it on CD or Vinyl. Down with digital!

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